The Joys Of My Children Back In School

Hannah is only on week 2 of kindergarten and already caught a cold. The teacher called on Monday and told us to come and pick her up. I was worried at first because normally  the school does not call you to come get your child unless they are running a fever or throwing up. She actually had a runny nose and cough.

I have now caught the cold. I HATE being sick. When I am sick, I don’t feel like working and definitely not running around the house all day after my kids. Luckily I just have a runny nose and sore throat. Hopefully it goes away FAST. I knew this was bound to happen. Hannah never really got sick until she started preschool last year. Once she was in school, she was constantly catching colds and sharing them with the family. Now that school is back in, here comes the joys of getting sick!


His First Carousel Ride

The Midway Of Fun has a small little carnival running right now by our house. It only had one ride for mom and dad but that was okay. I have taken Hannah on the carousel ride before at the state fair but she always wanted the bench seat instead of a horse. Today when I put Christopher on a horse, she decided she wanted to ride one too. She then loved it so much she rode the ride for a second time.

You know those big super slides? Well lucky me got to go down twice with Hannah on my lap. I thought the second time I was going to fly up in the air we were going to fast. We had fun though! I forgot to bring my darn camera…


Update On My Son

My son is almost 1 years old. He will be turning 1 on the 28th of this month. Last month on December 21, 2008 he pulled himself up for the first time. He now knows how to pull himself up in his crib. So now in the mornings when we wakes up, he stands up in his crib waiting to be picked up and taken out. He is also trying more and more finger foods. He loves  his Papa’s homemade apple pancakes too!

Not sure what I want to do for his birthday yet. I just may take him to Chuckie Cheese like my other kids have done for their early birthdays!


Toy Runs For Christmas

There was a toy run today near my house today. We donated a bag full of new toys for the kids in need. Donating made me feel good today knowing how many children don’t get many gifts on Christmas because of the situation they may be in. They also had a raffle but we didn’t win anything. We did buy raffle tickets though. If you have a toy run near you, be sure to donate!


Hannah’s First Teacher Conference

I will be leaving in a couple hours to meet with Hannah’s preschool teacher. This will be her first official teacher conference. I am hoping she has good things to say about my little one. I know that Hannah just loves school and looks forward to seeing her teacher and school friends each day.